Sunday, August 29, 2010

Asalaam-alaykum and hello =D *His and Hers* here again enjoying a busy busy busy Ramadan and are hoping same goes for you xD.... this month is so busy for *His and Hers* thier having a hard time to blog but *His and Hers* promise they will make it up later =D

Wishing everyone all the best for Ramadan xD

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Its 4 50 am on a chilly Saturday morning, *His and Hers* are here once again to annoy you all...*His* is so stressed and tired atm, looking at the calender August 21st Time goes so fast before you know it gone....whats gone *His*??? Whats gone are the days we just sat there and enjoyed life with no worries, no stress being in high school not worrying about the future but here @ university *His* prepares for his final exam but instead can be found sitting procrastinating wishing *Hers* was know studying on *His* is behalf or cleaning *His* is room......or making *His* some food before the fast starts but honestly just so *His* could see *Hers* and breathe once again....... What *His* doesn't know is *Hers* is waiting for *His* but clearly *His* is off day dreaming about something per usual -_-* ...

No this isnt some typical starting to a generic romantic novel ( lol ), but more less a moment for us to stop and say subhanAallah.....humans are so dependent on one sure that if anyone even reads this blog has drawn the conclusion; oh man *His* needs *Hers*  to feel complete and vice versa but we fail to realize that Allah SWT (God) is the one that made us this way and that we need Allah SWT (God), that we are dependent on Allah SWT yet we seek others before we look on to Allah. *BOING* *His*  should feel embarrassed yet again as the usual thought struts through *His* is noggin .... oh how *His* probably just wanted to calm down via*Hers* yes Allah SWT (God) made pairs and if Allah SWT (God) doesnt help his servant who I think NOT!

With this *His* will get up and wake *Hers*  up for fajr... *Hers* will be up and cranky she doesnt like being woken from a deep sleep but hey *His and Hers* know praying is mandatory in Islam... *Hers* will eventually forgive *His* for ruining *Hers* is beauty sleep as *His* will most likely agree with *Hers* by saying *Hers* totally needs it, thus initiating a brawl between the two where *Hers* will own *His* becuase he usaly lets *Hers* leaving *Hers* feeling strong. *His and Hers* will go for prayer to Allah SWT (God Almighty) and ask for help, just like we all should. Lets hope *His* kills the paper and *Hers* can fall asleep again or *His* better watch his back xD!!!!!

 So Asalaam-alaykum-rahmatullah-wa-barakatho for now from *His and Hers*

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wooo Hooooo the FIRST post XD

Ahem.... so yeah I guess we will start this off by saying As-salaam-alaykom-ramatullah-wa-barakto (May the Peace and Blessings of God be with you),  and Hello to anyone who just accidentally stumbled across this empty page and went OMG this sucks cus it does suck! *hmph* ...Well truth be told this probably does more then suck but yeah boredom helps you do a lot especially when a certain someone is too busy baaaaaaah-ing to you instead of having a normal conversation >_<

Anywho, this is us *His and Hers*... Let's see *His* is loosing his mind as we speak "studying" (yeah right ) and *Hers* is trying to re-decorate the room. So you all dont really know us that well lets tell you a little something about us =D *His and Hers* are both revert Mulsims, both of us live in Canada though *Hers* has been here all her life *His* was born and raised for the most part in the Middle East somewhere (YAYY for foreigners). *Hers* is 19 and *His* is 21, it's been a year since *Hers* accepted Islam and about two and a half years for *His* and *His and Hers* know this was the best decision of thier lives!   

 So whats the blog even about!? Well.... *His and Hers* are the official partners in crime! *His and Hers*  started this blog for a various number of reasons and when *His and Hers* figure them out will let you no =) just kidding!!! (hahaha...that was SO funny) But yeah the blog is basically our idea after we both had a eureeka! moment in life... both *His and Hers* followed a few blogs just at random and thats when the light bulb switch kicked in... *His* just invited himself to join *Hers* blog so this is what happened...

*Hers* -- Meh you smell... anywho guess what im going to do something in life im going to BLOG =O
 *His* -- No YOU smell... as for your blog cool cool 
*Hers* -- YEAH so I want to blog about the randomest things what ever pops into my head you no like fashion, Islam, travelling and just a bunchah weird crazy stuff XP
*His* -- Nice...
*Hers* -- AWWWWWWWW do you want to blog with me?
*His* -- DONE i'll blog with you Cheaaaa!
*Hers* -- What the!? hey hey I didnt offer you to blog with me I was just teasing you!
*His* -- *Hers* -- AWWWWWWWW do you want to blog with me?... I think you did and I accept
*Hers* -- But...
*His* -- Okay done deal im in =D
*Hers* -- Fine... then we can blog about fashion, Islam, and a bunchah random stuff sooooo cooooool XD
*His* -- Yeah... or we can just talk about everything
*Hers* -- That's what im saying! ughhhhhh you FREAK!

Yeah so the conversation just went on *His and Hers* was an accident if you will *Hers* learned a valuable lesson that day! which is probably forgotten...

Well *His and Hers* is here so look out world!!!!...*crickets chirping..echoes* ...ermm or the two people who stumble across this blog.... Hopefully *His and Hers* can make a difference in someones day somewhere in one way or another =)

So As-salaam-alaykom-ramatullah-wa-barakto (May the peace and blessings of God be on you) from *His and Hers*....